LaSalle Bristol Advantage
At LaSalle Bristol we pride ourselves on differentiation through service, innovation and people. As part of our commitment to excellence, we carefully monitor and measure our performance levels and offer a variety of unique value added services based around what you, the customer, deems most important to your operation. Here are a some of the advantages to working with LaSalle.

  • In 2015, LaSalle Bristol shipped 12.5 million part per month with a fill rate of 97.7%.
  • In 2015, LaSalle Bristol shipped 51,366 lines per month with a 97.7% fill rate.
  • 14 distribution centers and 3 manufacturing facilities keep our backorders at less than 3%.
  • LaSalle Bristol conducts 30 and 90 day in-plant manufacturing audits to review proper storage and installation methods.
  • Over the last three years LaSalle Bristol has tracked an invoice accuracy of 99%.