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Bristol Termination Valves

For 40 years LaSalle Bristol has been supplying the RV OEM manufacturers with a complete line of durable RV termination valves and adapters for sanitation disposal.

Utopia Faucets

Since the 1970’s LaSalle Bristol has been manufacturing in Plymouth Indiana, a broad line of faucets specially designed for RV and Manufactured Housing use.


XTRM PLY is a flexible and durable PVC Roofing membrane designed to meet the unique challenges of an RV roof.

XTRM PLY Sealants & Tapes

XTRM PLY Sealants are the strongest and most flexible sealants on the market. XTRM PLY sealants have superior weather resistance and excellent adhesion compared to the competition.

Treadwawy Traction Pads

Peel & Stick traction and surface protection pads designed for RV Roofs, RV steps & cargo ramps.


Peel & stick tiles that are easy to install and are great for decorative applications.