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Illuminating the RV Industry for over 50 years.

About Gustafson Lighting

For over 50 years, Gustafson Lighting has been been the leader in design, manufacturing, and importing of high-quality lighting products for the recreational vehicle industry.

Our unique and innovative selection of decorative lighting options, combined with our robust offering in task lighting, means we are prepared to meet ALL your lighting needs. The RV market is ever changing and we are committed to helping you differentiate your brand with quality products that enhance your space.

LSB Advantage

Gustafson Lighting and LaSalle Bristol have partnered to provide the ultimate RV lighting experience for both the OEM and end-user. By utilizing LaSalle Bristol’s 70 years of industry experience and expansive distribution network, we can provide beautiful, on-trend lighting faster and more reliably.


Gustafson Lighting has been inspiring the RV industry for over 50 years with innovative design and a passion to provide a premier experience to the end-user.


Using high-quality components and our “rock & roll” testing process, our lights are specifically built to survive life on the road.


Every light is designed to be road-worthy and complement the RV lifestyle.

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