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An important aspect of any life is Health. This is especially true in a business. Companies thrive on healthy employees to run daily. LaSalle Bristol is taking a proactive approach to applying health

Giving Back

“We are responsible for community improvement,” Rick Karcher, former LaSalle Bristol CEO and longtime United Way volunteer’s words resonate as he speaks about United Way initiatives.  Mr.

American Contemporary Flooring

Since 1886, Congoleum has been a leader in the resilient flooring industry and has built a solid reputation through its unwavering commitment to three key areas: design, quality, and

Improving Functionality in our Warehouses

LaSalle Bristol is dedicated to continuous improvement.  We want the best experience for our customers from the moment they meet our sales team to when they receive our product.  Most recently, we

Celebrating 70 Years! LaSalle as an entity is looking to 2017 with a growth mindset.

2017 is a special year for LaSalle Bristol! We have a milestone anniversary to celebrate- In 1947 Bristol Products was established serving customers with plumbing products paving the way for us to

Richard Karcher announces his retirement. LaSalle Bristol welcomes Andrew Batson as its new CEO.

Time flies! It’s really hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since I joined LaSalle Bristol and 8 years since I stepped into the role of CEO. We’ve been through some tough times together. I