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Why Palisade XL?

Made to cover larger areas, faster
Palisade XL Waterproof Large-Format Wall Panels
install in half the time of grouted installation with tube
adhesive. Multiple widths and heights accommodate
most bath and shower layouts.

Each wall panel features a three-dimensional
grout-look for realistic tile appearance. Palisade XL
wall panels are 100% waterproof, fireproof and

Palisade XL can be installed over many substrates including VOG, water-resistant board & ceramic tile.

Protective Top Layer

Realistically-Printed Multicolored Film

Rigid Core Board Technology


Extra-large sized panels provide quick coverage of larger areas


Rigid core board is stable, durable and easy to cut requiring no specialty saws or tools


Proprietary UV-cured lacquer adds warmth to the touch & is scratch- and UV-resistant


ASTM E 84 Class “A” fire-rated—Flame and Class “C” fire-rated—Smoke

Ideal for Fast Installation

Apply full wall panels directly onto wall—no special tools required

Installation is quick & groutless using tube adhesive.

Matching trim

Wind Gust

wintry mix

louvre granite

carrara marble

hermitage granite