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An important aspect of any life is Health. This is especially true in a business. Companies thrive on healthy employees to run daily. LaSalle Bristol is taking a proactive approach to applying health into our culture. From safety to weight loss competitions, we encourage all our employees to act healthfully!

Weekly an intercompany Safety Flash is sent with updated safety standards, procedures and updates on any incidents that may have occurred. Along with any accidents, the newsletter also highlights how we can prevent an occurrence in the future, or at least how to improve the current practice to keep us from succumbing to the status quo.

In addition to keeping our employees safe, we have created a positive focus on overall health. With health screenings, health newsletters with recipes, desk exercises, and tips on healthy living; LaSalle has really been trying to put the best foot forward for their employees. Alongside United Way, we have participated in two back to back weight loss competitions this year. Both contests were won by LaSalle employees, Yuriy Pancheluga and Suzanne Culbreath respectively.

Amid the second weight loss competition, the annual Sunburst race took place. LaSalle entered as a corporate entity to run the 5K. 3.1 whole miles in the humidity of June in Northern Indiana! We had employees from the Elkhart branch, along with Plymouth and some family members join in the fun! Everyone finished with pride, and the comradery made you forget it was exercise…. for a few minutes.

This is just the beginning of the health initiative here at LaSalle Bristol. We hope to incorporate more events soon!